Use Conditions


Those who use images and video materials provided by the Executive Committee can use them to apply for this award under the following conditions.


Creation of entries using provided materials

For the purpose of submitting to this award, you can create your own work by editing the provided materials with other materials you have taken(images, photos, sounds etc) .


Copyright and Prohibition of copyright infringement

Copyright of provided material is possessed by the photographer or each local government,for the purpose of this application you can use them.
However, you can not make your work using other people’s works that you dont have permission to use hem (movie, TV · radio programs, movies, music, photographs, other copyright works).


Prohibition of use for profit / political purposes

You are prohibited to distribut ,rentl and disclose provided material for a fee. Please do not use them for the purpose of corporate , organization’s commercial , political activity · campaign movement etc.


Prohibition of tort

Those that may infringe or violate the privacy of individuals, that Include obscene, atrocious, slanderous, harassing, others which are contrary to public order and morals. You can not use it for expressions or acts forbidden by law, with works that contain them.


Cancellation of license for violation

If the user violates the terms of use, the license for that user is automatically canceled. Utilization of materials provided after that will be treated as unauthorized use. If a video work that violates this user agreement is published on the Internet, we may requeste to delete or other necessary measures to the user or the site.



Even if the materials provided are used in accordance with these terms of use, when a complaint is received from a third party, please respond with the responsibility of the user. We are not responsible for that.