Application requirements


“CREATIVITY AWARD TOHOKU2017” is held by the “CREATIVITY AWARD TOHOKU TEAM”. We understand that you acknowledge and agree with the following requirements when you submit and application.


  1. You can submit movie which meet conditions below.
    Original Movie.
  2. The property and portrait rights in the film are safe to be used.
  3. The film is free of all copyright infringements and is safe.
  4. In the event that the CAT team receives complaints regarding privacy, portrait or copyright infringement, the applicant will be liable.
    If there is a possibility that the applicants film violates any of these rules, we will stop the judgement of said film and contact the applicant.If the video is found to be in violation of these rules, the applicant and said film will be disqualified from the contest.
  5. We do not accept works that dismiss with public order and morality, including, but not limited to; antisocial forces, obscenity, violence.
  6. Costs involved in applying and creating the video are not covered by CAT and will be covered by each respective applicant.
  7. There is a possibility that applicant films will be used for public relations or advertising for the aforementioned representatives of CAT.
  8. Personal information will only be used in the application and judging process and will not be released without prior written permission of the applicant.
  9. Please keep a back-up copy of all videos that are uploaded to online services such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  10. When shooting video of businesses or personal property, please remember to receive permission before hand.