Tohoku to the World. The are important things than being famous.


The “CREATIVITY AWARD TOHOKU(CAT)” is a contest for amateur and professional videographers from around the world to produce original works. The theme of the first “CAT” is to film a creative video showcasing the “attractiveness of South Miyagi”. Through “CAT” we hope to be a platform for discovering the next generation of “creators” as well as contribute to regional development by attracting people from all over the world to experience the charm of Tohoku and South Miyagi.

Name: CREATIVITY AWARD TOHOKU 2017 (abbreviation: CAT2017)
Organizer: CREATIVITY AWARD TOHOKU Executive Committee
Sponsor: Marumori Town (Miyagi Prefecture South 4 City 9 Town Cooperative Organization)
Prize money: Grand Prize 200,000JPN / Gold Prize 100,000JPN / Silver Award 50,000JPN / Bronze Award 30,000 JPN / Sponsored Award
Juries: Yoshiki Ishii (kirameki), Shinya Nakajima (Tohokushinsha), Yoshiaki Sawabe (1-10)
Kunio Hoshina (Town Mayor, Marumori town at South Part of Miyagi Prefecture in Japan)
Recruitment Period: December 5, 2016 (Mon) – January 31, 2017 (Tue) [Extended!] Awards ceremony: February 25, 2017 (Sat) Place planned in Miyagi prefecture, Japan. Details will be sent to the winners.

Miyagi Prefecture South 4 City 9 Town Cooperative Organization
Secretary Municipality Marumori Town Commerce and Industry Tourism Division
Sightseeing team leader

Jun Ito

The reason why Marumori Town supports CAT.

We are here in South Miyagi.
We’ll make Tohoku No.1

About two and a half years ago, there was shocking news in May 2014. The declining birthrate and population meant that the future of the city was unknown and there was a possibility that the city would disappear. The town of Marumori, where I live, was included. “At this rate we can’t go on” “If we dont do something, our children wont have a future here”. In the south of Miyagi prefecture, 12 out of 13 regions responded. There are lots of charms that are still not known to the world, here. Lets spread the charm of south Miyagi and the feelings of the residents to the world. “Lets try using the power of creativity to promote the region.” People who agreed with these ideas came together to create the “Creative Award Tohoku(CAT)”. I believe the history and future of the region can be changed through the power of creativity.

The purpose of CAT.

Discover the value of the Tohoku region of Japan and showcase it to the world.


“CREATIVITY AWORD TOHOKU (CAT) is a project that aims to discover the value in Tohoku through the use of creativity and spread that value to the world. The motto is “From Tohoku To the World”.
Through the support of various administrations in southern Miyagi (mainly Marumori Town) the 1st ever “CAT” was created. The southern part of Miyagi is famous for its silkworm industry and to protect the silkworms from mice, many people own cats. Therefore, we decided to settle on a cat as the logo design for “CAT” and was designed by creative director: Hiroo Kida (Inspirate inc.) and CG artist: Taka Imura (1-10). Finally, we are able to begin this project and judge the skill of creators through the help of top judges in Japan from ADCON and UNI PRESS SERVICE. “CAT” will try to revive Tohoku by spreading the values of Tohoku and its inhabitants passion to the world to engage travelers from abroad.

Message from CAT to creators.

Take a chance and present your ideas to the world, in Japan.

We are trying to build a creative field where like-minded creative individuals can work regardless of age, skills, background and credentials.We invite you to imagine the opportunities to engage with wonderful and creative ideas and people everyday. “CAT” aims to create a fair field where everyone can openly participate and spread their ideas. We hope we can make the world a place where people can present and engage with creativity and passion.

Message from CAT to everybody.

We welcome applications from everyone; children, students, professionals, elderly etc.

CAT is a contest that welcome applications from not only professional creators but also children, students, mothers, business men, eldery people, every one in the world. The theme of the 1st contest is “Southern part of Miyagi”. We welcome all types of films ,vlogs, recommendations, commercial video, slideshows, and so on. We do not mind even it is taken by smart phone. We aim to create videos for people who are unfamiliar with the area. If there are applicants with CG or animations skills, they can also be used to create a film about the area. We hope we can spread the value of this areas to the world through CAT.

2016, December 5th